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OOAK ~Rose Quartz~ Stitch markers, progress markers, progress keepers

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This set includes 6 stitch markers with a lobster clasp so they can be used for both knitting and crochet.
They are carefully handwrapped and each marker is truly unique.
The stitch markers are made of natural rose quartz stones (10 mm wide), tarnish resistant wire and 14 mm golden zink alloy lobster clasps.

~Like sunrise after a rainstorm, or spring sunshine filtering across winter snow – the Rose Quartz comes in colors that lend well to the art of romance. Some Rose Quartz crystals can be as pale as a new dawn and others can be almost violet in color. With its softer than silk name, the Rose Quartz can be smoky, cloudy, or as clear as water. Boasting an earthly element and vibrating at the spiritual number of seven, Rose Quartz manages to occupy that space between being a thing of pure mystery while also being a comforting and gloriously grounding force. The ethos of Rose Quartz is to align your tender heart softly yet energetically with true and loving compassion.~

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